Remote monitoring

With any device and an internet connection you can remotely monitor your operation anywhere in the world.

No Complex IT Integration

Within minutes and independent of your IT infrastructure, you can configure your process and begin monitoring performance.

Purpose Built Graphs

Designed to facilitate process improvement, our displays concisely summarize performance allowing rapid prioritization of issues.

Team Collaboration

Web based interface provides shared visibility for both internal and external teams.

Discover the Difference!

From high level executives to individual workers with years of production experience, we took input and built ProductionNet with the tools and graphical displays to help you make the best decisions very quickly with your operation. From any device, you can review the analytics when needed on the go.

Additionally, all entries are optimized for easy use on the production floor with any mobile device using the mobile interface, allowing your team to focus more on the operations and less on the administrative tasks of the software.

Feature Highlight

Total Loss Overview (TLO) Screen

A favorite feature among our users is the Total Loss Overview Screen (TLO). All process losses are uniquely combined into a single chart providing a quick, complete picture of operational performance so that you can make the necessary operational decisions.

Click to learn how Seraph Consultants use the TLO bar chart from ProductNet to teach clients how to make swift operational assessments and changes when necessary.

What is ProductionNet

Watch our video to learn more about the software.

Learn how ProductionNet can help you make the most of your operation. You will love the easy set up and rapid insight into your operational performance.

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