Too much data? Still using Excel?

Spreadsheets are severely limited, prone to error, and usually cause confusion across companies. It's time to upgrade and finally have seamless data integration across your operating assets.

Everything in one place

Focus more on the metrics that matter. Sort, filter, and drill down into the data effortlessly to isolate key factors in your operation period.

Realtime, modern charts

Set goals and monitor progress in realtime to spot issues as they happen and make the right adjustments to stay on target.

Perfect user experience

Designed for ease of use, allowing immediate insights from your data.

It all starts with realtime data

Ever wonder how many steps it takes to gain insights into production data? Let's follow the journey each operation takes through our system.
Historical data bulk upload
If available at your facility, historical data can be bulk uploaded into production tracker, allowing immediate deep dive analyses and use of the powerful visual charts.
Accumulate and Record
Ongoing production information is accumulated from individual workstations across entire facilities, regions, and companies. Data is entered through any connected platform (tablet, phone, computer, etc.) and then fuzed together in our proprietary data analytics engine.
Production Net's system outputs automatic Performance, Availability, and Quality OEE calculations, and makes them available in realtime to authorized staff.
Users can view beautiful charts of production metrics that allow immediate insight into detailed OEE data, including Pareto and Paynter charts of downtime and defect causes. These visual reports allow complete flexibility to focus in or out across any timeline, unit of time, unit of production.
Production Net's system is also predictive. By ingesting customer demand EDI data, production planners and executives can compare current performance against future requirements to verify capabilities and provide early warning of pending issues.
A production scheduling tool helps analyze and remove risk in your production schedule. Combining current production performance with a user-entered production plan allows you to verify plan accuracy and maximize future results.
Text and email notifications based on user-determined triggers allow quick dissemination of key information.
Escalated parts summary
Users can define key parts as "escalated" and view them in a special summary page for quick executive review.
Throughout the process, our system supports end to end auditing of user entries and edits. Be assured that your data is fully protected from tampering.
User permissions
Assign specific people to roles with varying levels of system access. Your shop floor workers should be focused on accurate data entry, while executives can remain focused on results.

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