Powerful & easy to install

cloud-based OEE tracking


Empower your organization with the right manufacturing data to solve problems and increase OEE.


Complete Transparency

Simple, Seamless Integration


See Only The Data You Need

Manufacturing Made Easy

ProductionNet empowers your team to make sound, timely decisions backed by reliable data. Within a matter of minutes, make real-time reporting accessible to anyone in your organization, configured for any number of production processes. Minimize downtime, pinpoint causes of defects, and anticipate disruptions to your supply chain.

Complete Transparency

No Complex IT INtegration

Team Collaboration

Real Time Monitoring

Intuitive Data, Simplified.

Our OEE software lets you spot problem areas instantly with interactive charts that plot performance, downtime and defects as a function of work center, part, shift or any other parameter.

Fast Set up.

ProductionNet is easily configured to the needs of your operation by filling in a few simple attributes, and can be quickly adapted on the fly to keep up with changing projects and priorities.

Pinpoint & Eliminate

Production Losses.

Our proprietary Total Loss Overview view shines a light on where and why production is falling short, flagging problem areas and highlighting opportunities to improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Real-Time Whiteboards.

Gone are the days of using markers and erasers to relay performance numbers to the shop floor. The ProductionNet LIVE stick turns any HDMI screen into a digital whiteboard that updates automatically as data is recorded.