Frequently Asked Questions



Monthly Subscriptions and Implementation Fees make up the price of ProductionNet.


What IT infrastructure investments are necessary to deploy ProductionNet?

WIFI or Cellular connection on the shop floor are all that is required for ProductionNet to function.

How long does ProductionNet take to set up?

ProductionNet can be set up in a matter of a few days if the necessary information and training times are provided beforehand.

What size facilities can ProductionNet accommodate?

ProductionNet can accommodate facilities with just a few work centers all the way up to ones with more than hundred work centers.

What sort of information is needed to implement ProductionNet?

We have a quick questionnaire that ensures a fast implementation. 

My facility doesn't currently use downtime codes, can ProductionNet still be implemented?

Our team can provide a menu of options based on any industry best practices. 


What kind of devices are compatible with ProductionNet?

Any web connected device can use ProductionNet, like desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones.

What different levels of access to ProductionNet are there?

For your security and convenience, several different profiles are available depending on your needs.  

how often are the reports updated?

Reports are available online at any time helping you have visibility of what is going on the shop floor allowing you to make the data driven decisions for the continuous efficiency improvement of your operations. 

Who owns the data?

All data stored in ProductionNet is owned by you the customer. We store it securely in the cloud.

Can ProductionNet reports be viewed across multiple plants/locations?

With our ProductionNet Enterprise plan, Executive users will be able to view reports live across all locations within your organization.

Support & Training

Does the ProductionNet team offer training?

Training for operator entry creation and key user ProductionNet configuration will take place during the implementation process. ProductionNet support is always available for further guidance as well.

Does a ProductionNet Implementation come with remote support?

Yes, we have full support by email and phone. Please see the Contact Us page for more information.