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Real Time Monitoring

“We’ve been using ProductionNet software for production and scrap tracking. This tool has enhanced visibility to production numbers and targets for our teams at all levels.

Before, we manually tracked production through detailed paper-based systems and high-level Excel spreadsheets, making it hard to identify bottlenecks and downtime causes. Now we have visibility.

The software revealed costly gaps in our internal material flow. I find the scrap tracking and the daily production report the most valuable, and run them by product line, by cell, by shift. This has been invaluable for hourly and daily issue resolution and has empowered our supervisors with data to communicate effectively with leadership. There was always a lot of discussion, but now we have data.

I highly recommend ProductionNet; their team is responsive and continuously improving the software.”

Shawna Dougherty

Senior Operations Manager, Integer Holdings

A Single Source of Truth, Contextualized Perfectly For Problem-Solving

Measurable Results

ProductionNet makes understanding your complex factory simple. Stop wasting time trying to figure out what the problem is, and start figuring out how you are going to solve it. Use our dashboards to drive operational improvement. 

Make Improvements Fast

Our interactive charts help you find problems fast. Get to the root of issues and know what to tackle first. ProductionNet can drill down to answers your questions in less time than than it takes to open up Microsoft Excel. 

Rapid Set Up

ProductionNet is easily configured to the needs of your operation by filling in a few simple attributes, and can be quickly adapted on the fly to keep up with changing projects and priorities.

Eliminate Production Losses

Our proprietary Total Loss Overview view shines a light on where and why production is falling short, flagging problem areas and highlighting opportunities to improve overall equipment effectiveness.

Real-Time Whiteboards

Gone are the days of using markers and erasers to relay performance numbers to the shop floor. The ProductionNet LIVE stick turns any HDMI screen into a digital whiteboard that updates automatically as data is recorded.

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