In manufacturing, it’s imperative that shop floor operators understand how their actions impact the company’s success. They are the first and best source of information to understand the sources of loss in process output. Operators live the process minute by minute every day.

Most transitions to a modern connected workplace undervalued this, forcing a tradeoff between making data digital and the practical benefits of shop floor operators writing their hourly performance on a production whiteboard. 

The physical act of writing parts produced adjacent to the target for each hour helps the team internalize the data and make it clearly visible on the floor. With whiteboards at the work center, team leads, supervisors, and plant managers can easily see how that particular station is performing as they make their rounds.  

Traditional & effective production whiteboard

Classic dry-erase whiteboards are effective for solving issues as they happen, but at the end of each shift, data is typically erased and lost. Unless there is a robust culture of data entry, the hourly performance information disappears or remains as a picture on someone’s camera roll. This handicaps management’s ability to conduct longer-term problem-solving activities and see how specific failure modes occur over time and across the plant.  

ProductionNet Live – a digital whiteboard

ProductionNet Live bridges the gap between operational best-practice and total data capture. Operators enter performance data hourly and it is shown live data on shop floor digital whiteboard, without the need for extra steps to prepare it for further analysis. By replacing a dry erase marker with a tablet, the operator still retains ownership of the data and that data becomes digital at the production floor, available instantly throughout the organization. 

ProductionNet Live drives a floor-centric approach to management enabled by modern cloud technology. ProductionNet allows the operations team to customize downtime codes and defect reasons without the need for programmers or specialized hardware, shortening the improvement cycle.  


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