Work from the same data across the entire organization

ProductionNet monitors production processes on the shop floor, bringing transparency into the operation and empowering teams to drive improvement from the whiteboard to the boardroom:

For the shop floor:

  • Creates an easy-to-read digital whiteboard at the work center
  • Keeps operators in the improvement cycle, “owning their numbers”
  • Makes OEE make sense through intuitive visualizations
  • Simplifies electronic data collection
ProductionNet Live
ProductionNet Live is a digital whiteboard with real-time data

For plant management:

  • Automates a Total Loss Overview (TLO) report, to quickly identify the greatest improvement opportunity
  • Facilitates clear accountability across all departments
  • Creates an easy-to-read dashboard for all users
  • Drill-down capabilities to understand reasons for underperformance
Total Loss Overview
ProductionNet’s Total Loss Overview

For executives:

  • Stay connected to your operations, across multiple sites
  • Allows data access from any mobile device
  • Requires no IT integration for fast implementation; in hours, not months
  • Provides supply-chain transparency
ProductionNet Executive Dashboard
The Executive dashboard in ProductionNet

ProductionNet facilitates data-driven decision-making from the shop-floor to the highest levels of your organization.

We designed it to be the perfect tool for continuous improvement, crisis-management, supply chain transparency, and product launch.


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