Meet Our Team

Our entire team is excited to show you how ProductionNet can give you the analytics you need to improve your business processes. We look forward to connecting with you! 

Jeff Jaisle

CEO, ProductionNet Creator 

30+ years of executive leadership experience in manufacturing and business analytics.

Thomas Kowal

VP of  Business Development

15+ years experience in business development and operations.

Andrew Powch

VP of Operations & Finance

15+ years leadership experience across multiple sectors. Former US NAVY officer.

John Bottoms

VP of Marketing & Customer Support

15+ years marketing and sales leadership with experience in over 30 countries.

Jennifer Sullivan

Director of Sales, USA East

15+ years of supply chain and operational leadership.

Phil Tomlin

Director of Sales, USA West

15+ years of supply chain and operational leadership. Former US Coast Guard Officer.

Genaro Pineda

Director of Sales, Latin America

10 years experience in automotive manufacturing consulting and business development.

Molly Kenny

Director of Sales, Europe

Data Scientist and Manufacturing Engineer